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Workplace Financial Advice – For Employers

Leveraging the expertise and experience of our Workplace Financial Advice (WFA) consultants and support team, we will assist you in developing a unique workplace benefits strategy for your business. This encompasses comprehensive superannuation assessments, competitive benchmarking and tendering services, group insurance, and programs designed to enhance your teams’ financial literacy and financial wellbeing.

Our strategic initiative aims to foster a positive and thriving work environment, driving optimal results. This holistic approach not only elevates team productivity, engagement, and reduces overall financial stress for employees, but also strategically aligns your business to be recognised as an employer of choice. By partnering with us, you’re investing in your organisation’s most valuable asset – your employees – laying the foundation for long-term growth and success.

Our Four Key Pillars

When we work with a client to implement a workplace benefits package for their team, there are four key pillars that we address to design and implement a tailored solution. These are:

  1. Evaluate and Review: We will analyse and review your existing superannuation arrangements, taking a particular interest in features, pricing, and performance against the market. Our team’s vast experience means we can spot what is working well, and what needs to be improved, in order to make tailored recommendations.
  2. Tender and Benchmarking: Once we have determined your business’ unique superannuation requirements, we explore the market on your behalf to find the arrangements that best suit your company and employees. We then benchmark performance across potential solutions and present you with solutions to fit your needs.
  3. Implementation: Upon selecting your super arrangements, we will manage and implement those chosen benefits and manage the employee communication process. That way, your employees are kept up to date with how these changes impact them, and gain an understanding of the benefits of the changes being implemented.
  4. Ongoing Support and Review: Not only are there no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to Superannuation, we also understand the need to never “set and forget”. Effective super solutions only remain so if they are reviewed and confirmed as fit for purpose on a regular basis. Our WFA team will also provide a structured program to meet your legislative obligations and service to employees.

Group Insurance

Group Insurance protects your employee’s greatest assets – their health, family, income, and financial future. Group Insurance is a specialty employee benefit that many employers use as a mechanism to manage business risk effectively and proactively, as well as attract and retain key talent. What’s more, business owners are often time-poor – and finding an insurance solution for your business and navigating the insurance industry is often complex and time consuming.

Here is an overview of how we assist clients with Group Insurance:

  1. Analyse Your Current State: Our first step is to understand inherent risks in your business, and the key employee benefits you would like to see implemented. If you already have a group insurance program in place, we will review its structure and design to see where improvements can be made.
  2. Structure and Design: Once we have ascertained the features, benefits, pricing, and claim management considerations that are important to you and your business, we venture into the insurance market to find the products best suited for your needs. Following this, we present you with the best available options that meet those needs through a structured Group Insurance solution.
  3. Implementation: After you come to a decision regarding the Group Insurance program you would like to bring into your business, we manage and implement it on your behalf. We will also guide communications with your team so they are aware of what’s changing, and what’s in it for them.
  4. Management and Ongoing Support: As your team grows and changes, so too may their insurance needs. Our Workplace Financial Advice team will provide ongoing support to ensure the right things are covered and appropriate protections are in place. We can also combine this ongoing support with a structured program to educate employees on things like insurance and much more – reinforcing the key point that you have implemented Group Insurance to look after your team.

Financial Literacy and Wellbeing Education

We are passionate about ensuring our clients are financially educated, and given the opportunity, tools, and empowerment to make informed financial decisions.  Our advisers are committed to helping your employees make confident, informed decisions through education, support, and access to advice – which over the long term contributes to improved financial wellbeing. We believe wholeheartedly that this framework of financial literacy and education creates a team of happier, more productive employees, as well as attracts and retains valued staff.

The key to our education and literacy offering is timing. In our experience, earlier intervention and sound financial education makes for significantly greater outcomes. Therefore, the earlier we can engage and empower your people, the greater the positive impact on their lives. Our programs include workplace education seminars; one-on-one consultations; executive benefits; access to financial advice; and health & wellbeing services.

If you’re ready to take a proactive step in securing the financial future of your team, and increase staff retention, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Workplace Financial Advice team today.

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