What makes us a great team.

Priority Advisory Group

Since 1987, we have partnered with clients to help them determine their goals and lifestyle aspirations, and provide them with robust financial advice and an ongoing advice relationship to help them get there.


At Priority Advisory Group, our clients’ needs always come first.

Priority Advisory Group

Priority Advisory Group is a financial planning practice based in Chatswood NSW, providing holistic financial advice to professionals, small to medium business owners, and families based in Sydney and beyond. Even when clients present with complex financial needs and circumstances (including intergenerational wealth), our financial advisers and client relationship team leverage their combined experience and passion for quality advice to deliver amazing outcomes.

We share a common purpose – to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients. We never provide a one-size-fits-all solution, rather our financial advice focuses on the issues that are most important to our clients – such as wealth creation, wealth protection, tax efficiency, philanthropic giving and estate planning. We work in partnership with our clients, addressing each issue and goal identified and then deliver objective and intelligent advice tailored to their unique circumstances.


At Priority, our values define who we are, and how we look after our clients. Our team is driven by the values they share with the firm, ensuring that our clients and business partners are always looked after and treated as a trusted and valued part of our business. When you partner with Priority, and as we guide you through the financial advice process, our advisers and support team work tirelessly to earn and build your trust. Our central value is Excellence – around which we live our other four: Be Caring; Build Trust;  Show Respect; and Act with Integrity.

Priority Advisory Group - Values

Begin with the end in mind.

At Priority Advisory Group, we believe wholeheartedly in a goals-based approach that looks ahead to your vision for the future, and develop robust strategies that help you get there. Without shared clarity between a financial adviser and a client on their financial situation, goals, and lifestyle aspirations, advice can fall short. Our approach to financial advice follows the following three key elements in order.

Priority Advisory Group


We look at the big picture first, seeking out ways to make the most of your wealth, limit risks and protect your legacy. No two strategies are the same – everything we do is carefully and thoughtfully tailored to your values, goals and the challenges you face.

Priority Advisory Group


The next step is to put in place carefully considered structures that enable you to grow and protect your wealth. During this phase, we often work in partnership with lawyers, accountants, and other relevant professionals that also hold an interest in your financial situation. These working relationships further our drive towards holistic financial advice, and ensure the best outcomes for each client.

Priority Advisory Group


We understand that nothing stays the same forever, so the critical next stage of our approach is an ongoing commitment to devise, implement and monitor your investments, loans, insurance policies and other needs for financial growth and risk management. This also includes optimising your future lifestyle and legacy through retirement and estate planning.

Financial Services


Protect your legacy

We believe that financial planning is about more than growing your wealth and living a comfortable lifestyle. Your wealth can do so much more than pay for your home, holidays, everyday expenses and luxuries. How you use your money to help future generations and even the wider world is a personal choice – one that is driven by your values and goals.

When you partner with Priority, we take care of the finer details – with tax efficient approaches to investment, estate planning and philanthropy – so you can focus on the bigger picture – how you want to support the future generations of your family, give back to the community, and be remembered in the future.

Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA)

Priority Advisory Group is proud to hold the Professional Practice designation with the Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA) - Australia’s leading professional association for the financial advice profession. The FAAA advocates for the interests of financial advisers and their clients across the country, maintaining strong relationships with government and regulators.

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