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Personal & Family Wealth

Managing, growing and securing the wealth of an individual is typically a financial adviser’s bread and butter, and something that we do every day at Priority Advisory Group. The hard work, dedication and focus it takes to accumulate wealth often means that there’s limited time to make effective plans to secure it. We take a view of your current financial position and circumstances, explore what you want to achieve in life, and create a strategic financial plan with straightforward advice to help you get there.

If you have a family, Priority is in a prime position to be of service. We understand the importance of taking into account your family’s broader goals and aspirations, and how that fits in to an effective financial plan. Just as we want to support your personal journey to financial prosperity and security, we are equally dedicated to doing the same for your loved ones, now and into the future. We will work to establish a foundation for a secure and happy family in years to come.

When your personalised strategic financial plan is agreed upon and put in place, our team works in the background to implement the strategies we recommend, and regularly review your position. This proactive approach means that opportunities that arise can be seized; and potential stumbling blocks can be mitigated. The result – peace of mind for you and your family.

Your Priority financial adviser and client relationship team will support younger family members with their own lifestyle goals such buying a home, providing for children and building a business or career. And when the time comes for them to play a role in managing family finances, we’ll work with you to pass on an astute and considered approach to the responsibilities of wealth.

Looking further ahead, we will support you to secure a long-term legacy where your family and contribution is remembered. With expertise in estate planning and philanthropy, Priority can help you prepare for a fair and tax efficient transfer of wealth.


Managing risk to meet your aspirations

Our approach to investing is driven by several key areas, with a strategic overlay of risk management to meet your unique aspirations. We construct and manage portfolios using intelligent, evidence-based research and provide solutions that are focused on client-centric return targets.  Our overarching driver of “Protecting Your Legacy” means we take risk management very seriously and build portfolios with this in mind.

Strategic, long term asset allocation is key to long term performance in client portfolios. Together with our industry leading asset consultants, we spend a lot of time building this allocation, a spread of assets across Equities (Australian and International), Property, Fixed Income, Cash and Alternatives. We deploy our dynamic asset allocation approach, monitoring strategic allocations in the short-term, and adjusted to adhere to a long-term strategy.

Costs to run portfolios, including investment manager and administration fees, can erode performance over time, and that’s why we strive to find best of breed and cost-effective portfolio solutions. This way, Priority clients enjoy lower-cost investment solutions as part of their overall financial plan, without sacrificing investment returns or opportunities.

Our team focuses on minimising unnecessary risks, and we actively seek investment solutions that have the highest probability of delivering a successful investment experience to meet your aspirations.

We love helping our clients secure their family’s financial future and see them realise their lifestyle aspirations – and we would love the opportunity to do the same for you. Please reach out to us today to take the first step towards the life you’re dreaming of.

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