Our Partners

Since opening our doors in 1987, we have understood and championed the value of robust corporate governance, and maintained relationships with external service providers and licensees to deliver effective and industry-leading financial planning services to our clients in Sydney and elsewhere. Our partners share our passion for quality financial advice and effective working relationships as the backbone of client wealth and prosperity.

The Board

At Priority Advisory Group, we take our corporate governance seriously. Our board ensures that a commitment to all stakeholder interests is taken into account, both commercially and ethically.

Paul Barrett


Massimo Guiati

Non-Executive Director

Paul Brain

Non-Executive Director

Zvi Teichtahl

Director, CEO

Our Partners


Fortnum Private Wealth is an Australian licensee for quality, client-centric advice businesses. They are the licensing partner of choice for professional advice firms who are committed to achieving sustainable revenue and profit growth.

Fortnum’s commitment to advisers has been consistently recognised by leading global financial services consultant CoreData. Fortnum Private Wealth has won the prestigious “CoreData Licensee of the Year Award” for three consecutive years, reinforcing that Fortnum advisers have the highest level of satisfaction in terms of overall support, remuneration and brand.

Our Partners


AZ Next Generation Advisory (AZ NGA), believe quality Financial Advice has the power to change lives. By investing in the highest calibre of next-generation financial advisory practices, their aim is to raise the standard of financial advice in the Australian market.

They ask only the highest quality firms to join them and take into account the following values when considering who to partner with: Culture, Client Focused, People, Process and Financials.

Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA)

Priority Advisory Group is proud to hold the Professional Practice designation with the Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA) - Australia’s leading professional association for the financial advice profession.

The FAAA advocates for the interests of financial advisers and their clients across the country. The FAAA maintains strong relationships with government and regulators, working together to achieve fair outcomes that advance the financial advice profession and benefit Australians.

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