Priority Advisory Group 2023 Communications Outlook

At Priority, we are committed to keeping our clients up to date with important and relevant information. We have put our collective minds together to develop a plan for 2023 around how we will keep in touch with our clients, add value to the service we provide, as well as inform and inspire. To this end, we will be updating our website, revamping our monthly newsletter, and hosting a range of seminars, webinars, and podcasts. No matter how you consume your content, we’re sure that there will be something here for you. Here’s what you can look forward to this year.

Website Update

Our website is currently undergoing an overhaul, and soon we will have a refreshed home page, as well as updated designs for our other sections, and an active blog where we will post articles and important updates. We expect that the updated Priority website will improve not only the look and feel of the site, but also provide a better user experience and greater access to information that we provide through our articles and updates.

Launch of the updated website is expected in April 2023.


Throughout the year, the Priority website will be updated regularly with article and blog content relating to a broad range of topics relating to, among others, wealth creation, retirement planning, aged care, investments, insurance, money management, personal finances, and much more!


Once a month, we will send our articles and other relevant information and updates to our clients and other newsletter subscribers, direct to their inbox. We will collate our monthly content from the Priority website and add in anything else that may be relevant for the reader. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll get all of this information in one digestible update each month.

Seminars, Webinars & Podcasts

Given the broad range of services we provide at Priority, and the experienced and knowledgeable team that deliver those services, we are excitedly planning seminars, webinars and podcasts on a number of important topics. Covering everything from interest rates to insurance, philanthropy to aged care, succession to investment philosophies – there’s sure to be something coming up that interest you no matter what stage of life you’re at. Keep an eye on our social media, website and newsletter for information on what’s coming up in that space.

Looking Ahead to 2023

It’s shaping up to be an interesting, challenging and busy year ahead, but we are excited about what 2023 will bring, and the number of ways we are planning to communicate with, and inspire, our wonderful clients. We look forward to working alongside you this year, and for many years to come.

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